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  • The Executive Committee

    The MHOA is managed by an Executive Committee composed of 8 members elected at the Annual Meeting.

    Affiliated to the Federation of Civil Service and Other Unions (FCSOU), State and Other Employees Federation (SEF)

    The elected members hold office for two years.

    The current members constituting the Executive Committee were elected at the Annual General Assembly on April 15th, 2019.

    The President

    Dr V.Sewsurn

    The Secretary

    Dr R.Seesaha

    The Treasurer

    Dr Y.Ramharai

    Public Relation Officer

    Dr R.Nabab

    The Vice President

    Dr A.Nilamber

    The Vice Secretary

    Dr I.Sunser

    The Vice Treasurer

    Dr M.Teeroomalay

    Events/Logistics Manager

    Dr M.A.Khodabaccus