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  • The objects of the Association

    (a) To regulate relations betweenthe members and their employer and if necessary between the members.

    (b) To maintain funds for these purposes and for the purpose of protecting the rights of the Association or of any of its members in relation to their contract of employment or when in distress.

    (c) To obtain just and proper rates of pay, hours of work, and other conditions of employment and to protect the interest of members.

    (d) To provide legal aid to any member engaged in litigation in connection with his employment arising from a trade dispute but not arising from the member's own fault such as dishonesty and fraud.

    (e) To add a new dimemsion to the status of Registered Medical Health Officers concerning their work and professional standing.

    (f) To promote and/or assist in securing legislation in the interest of its members.

    (g) To represent the members in any negociations when they so desire, and secure representation on any councils or commitee now in existence or that may be set up in future which may affect them.

    (h) To take any lawful action which may be decided upon by a vote of the majority of the members voting thereon.